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WinSPMBT Title
WinSPMBT: Windows, Steel Panthers, Main Battle Tank!
Combined Arms Tactical Combat 1946 - 2020.
Designed by Andrew Gailey and Don Goodbrand,
Developed by The Camo Workshop,
Distributed by Shrapnel Games.

About WinSPMBT:

WinSPMBT (Windows, Steel Panthers, Main Battle Tank) is a Post World War II combined arms tactical level wargame. Its time frame covers 1946 to 2020 AD. WinSPMBT has 92 nation's forces available for historical or "what-if" experimental battles. It is hexagon based, and the game is an alternating turn based (I go you go or IGOUGO) design. One unit playing piece represents one vehicle or gun, or an infantry section or squad of up to 13 men or a section of 1 to 4 support weapons. One game hexagon represents 50 meters of terrain. One game move (player 1 turn plus player 2 turn) represents roughly 3 minutes of 'real time'. The code was based on SSI's Steel Panthers but the game is a long way from SP2.

WinSPMBT is the Windows version of Steel Panthers Main Battle Tank (SPMBT). SPMBT is a classic super-mod for the fan favorite 1996 SSI game, Steel Panthers 2: Modern Battles. Developed by The Camo Workshop, and available to the public for no cost, SPMBT followed in the treadmarks of their original super-mod for SP2, Steel Panthers World War II, first released in 1998. More than just a mod, SPMBT is a standalone game that totally reworks the original game. While the gameplay will be familiar to anyone who has spent time with Steel Panthers, the data and gameplay has been tweaked to provide gamers with the ultimate tactical experience. Originally a DOS program SPMBT has now been upgraded into a full Microsoft Windows application. No longer will players be stuck running the game at 640x480, dealing with sound compatibility issues, or any of the other headaches involved with running DOS games in the 21st century.

WinSPMBT includes everything that everyone loved with SPMBT, and turns it up to eleven. There are three brand new scenarios and one new campaign, bringing the grand total to over one hundred plus scenarios in the game! New terrains have been added, and terrain tile sets redone. Scores of OOB files have been updated, there are new and revised vehicle icons, and the AI can now target smoke signatures with artillery. The much requested barbed wire makes an appearance, and now vehicles can reverse out of troubled areas without having to expose their rear.

WinSPMBT is available as a basic,free download, at Shrapnel Games web site (100 MB) - or in a CD Edition that can be ordered at Shrapnel Games web site. Both provide players with the exact same, free game but the CD Edition includes helpful items like a printed quick start guide and nice goodies like higher possible resolutions, and a cut and paste map editor.

WinSPMBT Options Screen WinSPMBT Screenshot

WinSPMBT Screenshots.

Minimum Game Requirements:

Windows 95, 98, ME, Windows 2000 or XP. DirectX 5 or higher installed. Recommended CPU would be a Pentium 2 of 500 MHz or better, DirectX 8.1 or better, and a video card (3D DirectX features are not used) with 32MB of on board video RAM. A basic Windows sound card will suffice for the MP3 sound.

WinSPMBT Links:

The Camo Workshop

Shrapnel Games

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