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New TacOps logo art is courtesy of Jody Harmon.

TacOps Version 4

TacOps 4 is the commercial version of "TacOpsCav 4", an officially issued standard training device of the US Army. It is a simulation of contemporary and near-future tactical, ground, combat between United States (Army and Marine), Canadian, New Zealand/Australian, United Kingdom (added with the 405 AQu patch), and German forces versus various opposing forces (OPFOR), simulating the Former Soviet Union, China, North Korea etc. Various civilian units and paramilitary forces are also included. TacOps 4 now supports massive multiplayer teamplay, by allowing up to 19 players or spectators (on up to 8 teams) and an umpire to connect and fight the same battle online via Internet or LAN (TCP/IP).

TacOps 4 - M1A1D Info Window
If you liked the M1A1 Abrams image above, download it here
and unzip it into your C:\TacOps v4\zPhotos directory.
Photo courtesy of Scott Cunningham.

Most of the vehicles, unit organizations, and weapons utilized in today's world by these forces are present in the game. Some weapons and capabilities that are likely to be available over the next ten years are included as options, as well as some older organizations and weapons. The movement and interaction of infantry and armor units is treated with great detail. Supporting air and artillery activities are treated more conceptually.

TacOps 4 - Leopard 2A6 Info.
If you liked the Leopard 2A6 image above, download it here
and unzip it into your C:\TacOps v4\zPhotos directory.

The primary simulation focus of TacOps 4 is ground operations from the perspective of the battalion or regimental commander. You are a commander, not a gunner. Your control of weapons fire is limited to positioning your units with movement and disposition orders, setting minimum or maximum engagement ranges, and designating priority targets during the orders phase of a 60 second game turn. During the combat phase, your units will automatically choose their actual targets.

TacOps 4 is played in turns. Each turn consists of two phases: an orders phase and a combat phase. Each phase occurs simultaneously for all players. During the combat phase the units of all forces, under computer control, simultaneously carry out their orders for movement and combat in four, fifteen second pulses. You only observe during the combat phase; you can not give or change orders until the next orders phase. In addition, "fog of war" is simulated by showing enemy units (and friendly units from another team) only if they are in the line of sight and visual range of one of your team’s units. You may also choose to see all units at all times.

TacOps Publisher Website:

TacOps 4

BATTLEFRONT.COM - The TacOps publisher, where you can buy the game and download patches and other goodies.

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