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M1A1 HA wodland by RogueSnake79
The latest M1A1 woodland by RogueSnake79 - a massive upgrade - to the version 4.0 standards of his M1 woodland version 2.0.
That one was my all-time favorite M1A1 Abrams skin, and with this upgrade, it just looks awesome!
This skin and 250+ more can be downloaded at
Leopard 2A4 Woodland by Scorpius
The awesome latest Leopard 2A4 Woodland - a full super detailed 2048 resolution übertemplate - skin by the Great Scorpius.
This skin is available for download at
My newset M1A1 Woodlans skin for SBProPE
My latest M1A1 Woodland skin for SBProPE - built on the excellent M1A1 Desert 3.0 übertemplate by the Master, RogueSnake79.
This skin is available for download at

The Steel Beasts product line is a PC-based simulation of small-unit armored and mechanized combat. It models the gunner's and commander's position of various armored fighting vehicles in a virtual 3D environment and is capable of networked and solitaire training for single-vehicle, platoon, and reinforced-company scenarios with a high level of tactical confidence. Steel Beasts was the tank simulation that made all previous tank simulations a thing of the past.
The original Steel Beasts game is a highly accurate simulation of the US M1A1 and German Leopard 2A4 and A5 tanks that was designed to let players create and play scenarios of modern armored warfare. Scenarios are created visually in a 2D map using context-sensitive menus and click and drag techniques. During game play, the player can experience the virtual 3D battlefield from a first-person point of view in the tank commander's or gunner's position, or from an external view.

M1A1 Desert 3.0 by RogueSnake79
The superb M1A1 Desert 3.0 skin, by RogueSnake79 - looks like a picture...
This skin is available for download at

Play is centered around the single mission, or scenario, which can be logically divided into three distinct phases: 1) The planning phase, in which a military-style text briefing and interactive maps are presented to the player for planning the mission. 2) The execution phase, in which the simulation runs in real time, and the player can assume the role of gunner or tank commander in one of the tanks he controls. 3) The debriefing phase, in which the results of the scenario are displayed.

Although Steel Beasts may appeal to many people, it is aimed at the more serious simulation fans. A large part of the development time has been spent on creating sophisticated algorithms so that units behave intelligently and real-world tank tactics will work - two things that are sorely lacking in all current tank sims. For example, units are smart enough to automatically avoid minefields, move away from artillery strikes (when allowed to do so), go hull down, and even change hull-down positions when under attack.

In modern tank warfare the tank that is spotted first is usually the one that is destroyed first, so it pays to stay concealed. In Steel Beasts, factors such as the speed of the tank, the terrain behind and in front of the tank, the degree to which the tank is hidden behind a hill, etc, all determine whether one particular tank is detected by an enemy tank.

CZ_Studios T-80U
Outstanding T-80U skin by CZ_Studios. This one is my favorite T-80U skin!

CZ_Studios T-72M1
CZ_Studios famous T-72M1 skin, with a Soviet Red Star. All Congo and Zipuli's skins can be found at

Steel Beasts Features:
M1A1 Abrams in autumn cammo. M1A1 Abrams in autumn cammo.
M1A1 Abrams in autumn cammo, skin by Scorpius.
This skin is available for download at

Steel Beasts is built around a novel, proprietary graphics engine that was specifically developed to render landscapes from a viewpoint close to the ground. Special care has been given to the low-level AI of the units, so that the player does not have to micromanage each unit. Extensive research has been done to ensure that gunnery models and procedures are accurate. A powerful scenario editor and planner allow the player not only to make detailed initial battle plans, but also to create entire missions with complete enemy plans.


Features the Leopard 2A4 and M1A1, both modeled in high detail;
Multiplayer support: Any mission can be played over a network;
with any cooperative or competitive style of play, including multiple players in a single tank;
Specifically designed for players to create and play their own scenarios;
Superior AI that frees the player from micromanaging his units;
Sophisticated algorithms that enable real-world tactics to apply;
Powerful 2D map with line-of-sight display that allows meaningful pre-battle planning. Integrated mission and map editors;
A tank commander's position that is actually useful;
Sophisticated damage modeling, including loss of communications;
Friendly forces that are not under the player's control can also be part of the battle;
Mine fields;

Steel Beasts Professional
Leopard 2A4 woodlands by Viper A Leopard 2A4 woodlands by Viper B
Leopard 2A4 in the woods (left) and in the winter (right). Skins by Viper.

Steel Beasts Professional has been tailored to the demands and high standards of professional military training. It models the gunner's and commander's position of various armored fighting vehicles in a virtual 3D environment, allowing both networked and solitaire training of single-vehicle, platoon, and reinforced company scenarios with a high level of tactical confidence.

The professional version of Steel Beasts is offered in two variations: Steel Beasts Professional, and SB Pro Personal Edition. Steel Beasts Professional is designed for use in a simulation lab under the direction of a dedicated operator / controller, whereas SB Pro Personal Edition is meant to be deployed on individual soldiers' notebooks or home PCs for exercises that can be worked on independently.

Prospective professional customers (i.e., those related to a defense agency) interested in the full version of Steel Beasts Professional should contact ESim Games.

Steel Beasts Personal Edition

The BEST tank simulation ever made is now shipping. The Personal Edition is sold exclusively through eSim's online store.

Target audience: Military professionals. Intended use: Training on the soldier's PC, using exercises that don't require an operator / controller.
Please note that Steel Beasts Professional uses a hardware device (a USB dongle) for software protection. An available USB port is required.

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