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Panther art courtesy of Gary J. Nemeth - 3D Modelmother.

About Steel Panthers: World at War:

Steel Panthers: World at War is a tactical level, World War II era, historical wargame. This is a very highly refined version of Steel Panthers III, placed in the Steel Panthers I game scale. We used Steel Panthers III since it was the most stable version of the game engine yet created. The original game series was designed by Gary Grigsby, Keith Brors and Joel Billings. SP:WaW is a hex based, top down view, alternating turn ("I go, you go" or IGOUGO) game design. SP:WaW also includes a timed play feature, giving each player a specific amount of time to conduct his turn before it ends and his opponent's turn begins. Armor, gun and vehicle units are represented by individual icons. Each infantry squad can have up to 25 men in it. Machine guns, mortars and artillery units are also realisticaly portrayed and crewed. Each hex represents 50 yards (meters) of the virtual battlefield, with many new terrain features added. Each game turn represents a few minutes of real time, and games can last from a few turns to entire campaigns.

SP:WaW is a true Windows game and does not require DOS. SP:WaW will run on Windows 98 / ME / NT / 2000 / XP. SP:WaW will also run under OS/2 and Linux as well.

The lead scenario designer was the renowned Wild Bill Wilder. If you ever enjoyed a fantastic Steel Panthers scenario since the very beginning of the game's history, chances are very high you played a Wild Bill scenario.

Steel Panthers: World War v8.20 is also available via a CD purchase, released in the "Generals Edition", which includes a full version of Steel Panthers:World at War v8.2 together with all 4 Megacampaigns on one disc. For more information, visit the Matrixgames web site.

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